Banning coal simplistic, unreasonable and unwise

David Brett writes in the Vancouver Sun:

Poor coal. It’s the mineral not even a mother could love. It’s the orphaned rock, dirty to burn and easy to hate. Vancouver was cheered recently for banning coal, even though it had no coal to ban. Oppose coal and you’re a rock star. Support coal and you’re booed offstage. Surely opposing West Coast coal exports to Asia is the smart, environmentally and morally right thing to do.

Or is it? A series of inconvenient realities suggest otherwise.

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One thought on “Banning coal simplistic, unreasonable and unwise”

  1. Most of the folks who tout the green, simple, low carbon footprint, one with nature lifestyle can only take it on short camping trips. I’d be more impressed if they were to devote a year or two to totally living that lifestyle.

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