Aussie paper: IPCC report ‘fails to make waves’

The Canberra Times reports:

The IPCC’s decision to release only a 36-page summary of the 2013 report may be the reason the response to Friday has been relatively low-key, and once the full 900-page document is handed down next week, climate sceptics will come forth to find fault with the science and the methodology. Certainly, the IPCC’s previous reports have contained assertions that proved unfounded. Moreover, the organisation has also been accused of exaggeration and fabrication of evidence. The other possible explanation for the muted response is that climate-change fatigue has set in. That may explain why the IPCC has established a global ”carbon budget” of 1 trillion tonnes, further release of which would trigger irreversible and dangerous climatic changes. It estimates that, at present rates of burn, the budget of 1 trillion tonnes will be reached around 2040.

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3 thoughts on “Aussie paper: IPCC report ‘fails to make waves’”

  1. 1 trillion tons probably came from the same spot as 2 degC increase came from. A dark recess of the human body where little research actually occurs. I think they might be working off the word trillion, which sounds kinda scary.

    Maybe they could work in quadrillion, does that sound scarier? 2 quadrillion pounds?

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