Aussie climate commissioner sacked – and so too should journalists who are climate change scaremongers

Andrew Bolt writes at the Courier Mail:

TIM Flannery has been sacked. But why haven’t journalists who promoted such scaremongers been sacked, too?

When will they pay the price for the most shameful collective failure of journalism in decades?

Flannery’s astonishing record of dud predictions, such as his 2007 warning that we’d never again get dam-filling rains, finally caught up with the Chief Climate Commissioner this week.

The Abbott Government sacked him on just its second day, ostensibly to cut costs, and few journalists are defending the global warming alarmist they once hailed as our 2007 Australian of the Year. Damaged goods.

But it’s too easy to merely give Flannery the flick now his warming faith is finally crumbling. It’s too easy to make him the sole scapegoat after 15 years of no significant rise in global temperature – a hiatus to which the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change will on Friday reluctantly admit in its latest report.

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5 thoughts on “Aussie climate commissioner sacked – and so too should journalists who are climate change scaremongers”

  1. The problem is journalists never actually say anything. They just report what others have said, even if that other is a shadowy “annonymous source” they refuse to name. Fortunately youtube is slowly replacing them all with teenagers with videophones. We no longer need communications majors to tell us what they feel the scientists and politicians are saying; we can listen for ourselves. That’s why they keep trying so hard to regulate the internet.

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