Al Gores lashes out at MSM after Reuters rates him a has-been

After Reuters reported that skeptics have turned Gore into a has-been, Gore attacked the MSM for cowering before skeptics. He must be competing in the Petulance Olympics against Michael Mann-child.

The Hill reports:

Al Gore ripped U.S. television coverage of climate change Friday, alleging the media is cowering before industry-funded global warming “deniers.”

“Here in the U.S., the news media has been intimidated, frightened, and not only frightened, they are vulnerable to distorted news judgments because the line separating news and entertainment has long since been crossed, and ratings have a big influence on the selection of stories that are put on the news,” Gore said in remarks at the Brookings Institution.

“And the deniers of the climate crisis, quite a few of them paid by the large fossil fuel polluters — really it is like a family with an alcoholic father who flies into a rage if anyone mentions alcohol, and so the rest of the family decides to keep the peace by never mentioning the elephant in the room. And many in the news media are exactly in that position,” the former vice president said.

“They get swarmed by these deniers online and in letters and pickets and all that if they even mention the word climate, and so they very timidly, they get frightened and they are afraid to mention the word climate,” he continued.

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6 thoughts on “Al Gores lashes out at MSM after Reuters rates him a has-been”

  1. Smooth move, Al. The MSM are the only reason your CAGW scam is still around…so please, do everything you can to upset them so we can get this garbage behind us.

  2. As for the Petulance Olympics, I think David Suzuki will give them both a run for their money. Gold, silver, and bronze.

  3. Algore can’t stand not being the center of attention. After all he’s a Nobel Peace Prize winner! He’s on the long slow slide to being just another crazy old man ranting on the street corner . . . who then he goes home to his mansion.

  4. We are close to winning, and that is why they are lashing out so desperately. They feel their ability to scare people slipping away…..and that’s their only tool!

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