Agence France Presse: Skeptics rule, warmists… well, better luck next time…

AFP reports:

The upcoming UN report on climate change is not likely to rattle US deniers of global warming who hold sway in the halls of power, experts say.

A hefty analysis of the latest science on global climate change, the report is packed with recommendations for policymakers.

It will be released at the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) next week, though most Republicans in the US government are expected to dismiss it outright.

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4 thoughts on “Agence France Presse: Skeptics rule, warmists… well, better luck next time…”

  1. I am sure there are Democrats who are sane and believe AGW is a hoax as well, but are unable to say anything….

    Then they’re nothing more than rent-seeking (i.e., thieving) liars.

    Which is worse? Adhering to patently demonstrable friggin’ nonsense out of some neurotic and/or religious impulse, or knowingly, viciously violating the rights of your neighbors by way of this preposterous fraud in order to advance the glorious National Socialist Democrat American Party (NSDAP)?

  2. I am sure there are Democrats who are sane and believe AGW is a hoax as well, but are unable to say anything because of political pressure from the party that gets tons of money from special interests (and oil) to believe otherwise.

  3. Climate skeptics and deniers dominate the House of Representatives, but Meyer said some legislators admit privately that the science is correct and that global warming is being exacerbated by fossil fuel use.

    “But they cannot say it because they will be challenged in the primary (elections in 2014) by the Tea Party,” the ultraconservative wing of the Republican party.

    They “say what they have to say to get reelected,” Meyer told AFP.

    Public opinion polls have shown that an increasing number of Americans believe climate change is real.

    According to a Pew research poll this spring, 69 percent of Americans, a 12 point hike over 2009, believe there are strong indications the planet is getting warmer.

    However, these surveys have also shown that a just a third of the US public thinks climate change is a serious problem..

    The Red Faction incumbents and challengers expected to contend against National Socialist malevolent jobholders in 2014 had goddam well better button up when it comes to any one of them having gotten suckered by this preposterous “carbon pollution” crapola.

    Since Climategate (17 November 2009), all Americans know only too damned well that “man-made global warming” is a FRAUD schemed up by the National Socialists and their Watermelon buddies to tax and regulate the U.S. productive sector out of existence, and raise all costs – for gasoline, for heat, for electricity, for food and clothing – suffered by America’s poorest and most helpless people.

    The wonder of it all isn’t that there will be any Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives by this time in 2015, but that most of the ones in there right now might be able to escape lynch mobs before that time.

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