Who needs coal? New York seeks to reduce power use for 3rd straight day

The NY state grid operator is urging the use of off-grid generators.

Reuters reports:

New York State’s power grid operator said it might ask some of its customers in its power reduction programs to limit electricity use for a third day as people crank up air conditioners to escape the brutal heat wave.

So far, the state’s utilities and the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO), which operates the grid, have not had to take any major steps to keep the lights on and air conditioners humming.

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6 thoughts on “Who needs coal? New York seeks to reduce power use for 3rd straight day”

  1. Good electricity prices in the PJM (Pennsylvania, Jersey, Maryland..and more) market over the last few days. Us peaking electrical suppliers are smiling.

  2. If the eco-freaks had their way, and coal and gas were not available to generate enough current, we would have to rely on solar and wind.to depend on. Not bloody likely.

  3. Oh! Oh! I know! When there’s less of something than you need, you make more of it! When you know you need more some days than other days, you get a reserve supply!
    You don’t?

  4. Oh, as far as a brutal heat wave, it is called July, happens every year around this time. Sure beats January.

  5. Artificial shortages are all part of the leftist agenda. You know that nonsense about the greater good and shared sacrifice. Ayn Rand is laughing at us.

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