Warmists bemoan Senate climate hearing thrashing

Noting reality is somehow “parroting anti-science.”

Tiffany Germain writes at Climate Progress:

All of the Republican members of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee question the science behind climate change. Fueled by millions in donations from the fossil fuel industry, on Thursday, these Senators used the committee as a way to simply parrot the tired talking points of Koch funded organizations and industry leaders, denouncing what 97 percent of climate scientists have agreed on.

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2 thoughts on “Warmists bemoan Senate climate hearing thrashing”

  1. Climate Science Communication.
    More properly known as Propaganda and Influence operations.
    State your lies clearly and confidently.
    Repeat as often as necessary.
    When your scam is revealed, ANDEMCA:
    Admit nothing. Deny everything. Make Counter-accusations.
    Shockingly effective. Used by destructive scammers for nearly a century now.

  2. I’m not sure if Tiff-Tiff could have put anymore talking points in that short paragraph. Might have been nice if she had added some of that science stuff, though.

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