Warmists attack Reuters editor as skeptic

David Fogarty writes at The Baron:

In April last year, Paul Ingrassia (then deputy editor-in-chief) and I met and had a chat at a company function. He told me he was a climate change sceptic. Not a rabid sceptic, just someone who wanted to see more evidence mankind was changing the global climate.

Progressively, getting any climate change-themed story published got harder. It was a lottery. Some desk editors happily subbed and pushed the button. Others agonised and asked a million questions. Debate on some story ideas generated endless bureaucracy by editors frightened to take a decision, reflecting a different type of climate within Reuters – the climate of fear.

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2 thoughts on “Warmists attack Reuters editor as skeptic”

  1. Some of these news agencies remind me of the pre-teen dances that I attended. Nobody wants to be the first ones out on the dance floor. It seemed like it would take a couple of songs to get everyone loosened up. Pretty soon, we were all dancing like idiots! How long before some of these progressive wallflowers begin to report the truth!

  2. Wow, if the alarmists have lost Reuters, they are in serious trouble. Over the past several years Reuters has been one of the biggest climate alarmist news services in the world, this is an amazing turn around. Its like the BBC or Al Gore suddenly switching sides and joining the skeptics. I’m astonished.

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