Tanning Nannying: Ohio Bill would limit use of tanning beds to adults

Will Ohio legislators next start regulating outdoor play time/pool use?

The Columbus Dispatch reports:

It’s the time of year when 16-year-old Christine Barta likes to head to the tanning salon so she can darken her skin a little before putting on a bathing suit.

It’s a strategy, however, that could be ending soon as state lawmakers consider a bill that would prohibit the use of tanning salons for anyone under 18 unless approved by a doctor. The bill is currently in its early stages and has not yet reached the House floor.

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2 thoughts on “Tanning Nannying: Ohio Bill would limit use of tanning beds to adults”

  1. illiberal: a 14 year old can get birth control and her “uterus scraped” without any parental consent BUT cannot use a tanning bed because the child doesn’t understand the long term affects… The Cognitive Dissonance is alarming to me..

  2. Political ‘control freaks’ want to control others. They have two main tools with which they accomplish this: (1) taking stuff away from their victims, and (2) *threatening* to take stuff away from their victims. Their success at the first makes the second more effective. In this respect, political ‘nannies’ are no different from school yard bullies or Mafia thugs.

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