Skeptic UK energy minister fired for being right on green-caused blackouts

The Daily Mail reports:

Tory MP John Hayes was fired as Energy Minister for secretly plotting to persuade an electricity boss to challenge Government policy.
Climate change sceptic Mr Hayes had asked the head of power giants E.on to warn of blackouts unless the Coalition watered down its green crusade and made a U-turn on the closure of coal-fired generators.

But Mr Hayes’s boss, Energy Secretary Ed Davey, hit the roof when he found out about the ‘treachery’ – and demanded he was sacked.

Two weeks later, Mr Hayes was dismissed and given a minor backroom role in No 10, advising David Cameron on links with Tory MPs.

But his dire warnings about energy shortages were later vindicated by regulator Ofgem, which warned of an even bigger risk of power cuts.

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8 thoughts on “Skeptic UK energy minister fired for being right on green-caused blackouts”

  1. Never allow the TRUTH to intrude on your agenda to enslave the people and strengthen your strangle hold on power.

  2. The Brits believe that shared despair bonds them, so they create despair.

    “We draw our strength from the very despair in which we have been forced to live. We shall endure.” — Cesar Chavez

  3. I’m reminded of a description of a British diplomat: “he had never been conspicuously wrong or inconveniently right.” (Frederick Forsyth, The Day of the Jackal.)
    Apparently the UK ministers are prepared to let power disruption become commonplace — and the voters keep returning them.

  4. Energy poverty was defined as lack of access to energy in developing nations. It looks like the Brits have developed energy policies that reduce access to energy just like the third world. Leave it to the socialists/greens to create energy poverty in the midst of cheap, available energy. They they can take great credit for being the saviors of those they’ve harmed.

  5. Nobody really cares if old people die because they are unable to afford to heat their measly flats.
    They are invisible.

  6. Energy poverty is pushing more of UK’s middle class into the poor zone. UK has already reported anecdotes of elderly dying because they had set their heat too low for their well-being. It may be a contributor rather than a primary cause of death — but why in heaven’s name is this a good idea at all?

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