Reuters editor attacked by media for ‘climate skepticism’

The Daily Caller reports:

A managing editor at Reuters has been accused of being a global warming skeptic and not running articles on the topic.

Global warming coverage fell 50 percent after Reuters hired Paul Ingrassia as deputy editor, Media Matters reports.

The issue came to light after former Reuters climate correspondent David Fogarty wrote about it on an insider blog. Fogarty said Ingrassia told him personally he was “skeptical” of global warming, and that after he became deputy editor, “getting any climate change-themed story published got harder.”

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3 thoughts on “Reuters editor attacked by media for ‘climate skepticism’”

  1. ” former Reuters climate correspondent David Fogarty”

    Says it all.

    Has anyone considered that the level of interest in CAGW has been going down in the general public by the same amount (50% or so) in the last few years anyway? Just goes to show that the editor has his finger on the pulse of is readers…..

  2. Were I Mr. Fogarty’s boss, he wouldn’t be my employee for long. Complaining publicly about the views of an editor is a firing offense to me.

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