Report: Peak oil, not climate change worries most Britons

They shouldn’t worry about peak oil either.

Reuters reports:

Keeping bills affordable was the most important single priority for respondents (40 percent) followed by making sure the United Kingdom has enough energy to prevent blackouts and fuel shortages (32 percent). Tackling climate change came a distant third (27 percent).

But a new report indicates that the UK has 40+ years of natural gas reserves in the form of shale.

One thought on “Report: Peak oil, not climate change worries most Britons”

  1. Aaand — again I’ll mention Instapundit’s report on the UK shale find, which their energy officials and watermelons plan to ignore in favor of increasing offshore wind by 800%. They’re already out of other people’s money and they (like we) are spending the inheritance of the next generation’s rich kids.
    Why do I put it that way? Because anything that comes from general revenues, or borrowing to eventually be paid by general revenues, will come largely from the pockets of the wealthy. But that will keep the money from being used for better purposes and enriching all.

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