Politico pushes Obama campaign message — GOP skeptics are crazy

Is a literal belief in the Book of Genesis really crazier than belief in a centrally-planned economy powered by windmills?

Politico reports:

GOP strategists have laid out an aggressive game plan for seizing the high ground on energy during the August recess: Talk about gas prices and jobs, jobs, jobs.

But some Republicans are straying from the script, spouting off instead about the Book of Genesis, claims about scientific conspiracies and arguments that the Earth is cooling. And they show no signs of stifling their skepticism — even at the risk of providing a stream of YouTube-worthy sound bites that play into Democrats’ own strategy, which includes painting the GOP as the anti-science party.

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5 thoughts on “Politico pushes Obama campaign message — GOP skeptics are crazy”

  1. Howdy RL Bell
    Obama and the Enablers are attempting essentially a centrally-planned economy powered by windmills, ethanol and solar. That’s the trend of their legislation and the trend of their statements. Historically, the more centrally an economy is (mis)managed, the worse off the people are.
    I’m not a believer in the literal word of the Bible, but I will say that believing whatever power could create the Universe could also have created our planet in the literal Biblical manner is actually more logical than believing in something that history shows people can’t do successfully.

  2. Great men of science, such as you, always see opposing views a “crazy”. It’s the scientific way.
    PS: wait until you get the real cost of those “bird grinders” on your electric bill.

  3. Typical Argument from Intimidation.

    When the facts are not on your side (and with CAGW they most certainly are not) then resort to psychological pressure. Move the argument from a logical debate of science to moral judgements, scorn and belligerent incredulity.

    If all else fails produce bogus ‘Peer-reviewed’ papers showing the opponent is mentally defective.

  4. Yes, a literal belief in the Book of Genesis really is crazier than belief in a centrally-planned economy powered by windmills – not that anyone is actually proposing such a monstrosity, other than the voices in your head.

    This has been another edition of simple and correct answers to really, really stupid questions. Thank you for playing.

  5. Any belief in the Books of Anything is certainly crazy enough to be on par with windmill-powered economy. And it does not seem to be very helpful in stopping the idiots.

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