Politico: Obama looking to deal on Keystone XL

Politico reports:

President Barack Obama’s latest critique of the Keystone XL oil pipeline still leaves a path for approving the project — but its supporters may need to make concessions to blunt its impact on the climate, analysts said Monday.

Obama’s remarks to The New York Times echoed some of the most potent criticisms offered by Keystone’s opponents, scoffing at GOP claims about job creation and warning that the pipeline might even raise gasoline prices. He also said Canada “could potentially be doing more” to counteract the greenhouse gas emissions being unleashed from Alberta’s oil sands, the major reason for climate activists’ outrage at the pipeline.

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6 thoughts on “Politico: Obama looking to deal on Keystone XL”

  1. We are going to end up losing the jobs, and the oil, when Canada give up on our capritious policies and makes a pipline to Vancouver to ship the stuff to the Chinese.

    Sad part is North Dakota really needs more pipelines for their own oil, and Natural gas. Currently the natural gas has nowhere to go and is being burnt. You think that is CO2 friendly?

  2. The Keystone pipeline will have no discernible affect on temperatures or climate. But Obama is anti-wealth so he clings bitterly to his religion.
    Heck of it is, he’s okay with his own wealth. It’s my lifestyle he wants to cramp.

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