Obama launches war against global poor: Rejects financing for Vietnam power plant

Obama is hurting the Vietnamese more than Agent Orange ever did.

The Hill reports:

The Export-Import Bank of the United States rejected a proposal to provide financing for a new coal power plant in Vietnam after a “careful environmental review.”

The decision, reported by Reuters, comes after President Obama said the U.S. would no longer support building coal-fired power plants abroad as an effort to curtail global greenhouse gas emissions.

The 1,200-megawatt plant was the first test to see whether the administration would implement that part of the climate plan Obama announced last month.

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4 thoughts on “Obama launches war against global poor: Rejects financing for Vietnam power plant”

  1. The environmental elite seem to all come from wealthy, industrialized western countries with cheap, abundant food, comparatively cheap abundant energy, well developed infrastructures, pretty good medical services and all the other amenities of wealthy, industrialized society. They all seem to want to return to some vision of a noble savage that never existed. They also want to keep the third world in grinding poverty and without those amenities. Obama fits right in with this.

  2. I have respect and best wishes for the people of Vietnam or Cuba or North Korea. I despise their governments. I have doubts that financing a Vietnamese power plant will do all that much for poor Vietnamese, although they could probably use air conditioning.
    Not that I am bitter. Or remember the Amazing Race stop at the wreckage of a B-52. Or the musical at the museum in Hanoi…

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