Obama, China agree to non-binding carbon curbs

The Raw Story reports:

America and China agreed on Wednesday to work together to develop cleaner trucks, expanding joint efforts against climate change by the two greatest emitters and raising prospects for a global climate deal..

The new initiatives announced in Washington on Wednesday would see China and America extend their climate co-operation to five new areas – beginning with heavy trucks, which are a significant cause of greenhouse gas emissions in both countries.

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6 thoughts on “Obama, China agree to non-binding carbon curbs”

  1. China cheats on binding curbs like intellectual property rights. Or keeping their dadgum airplanes from hittin ours in international airspace. Why would we expect them to follow voluntary curbs?
    Oh, because the Lightbringer got them to promise. Silly me.

  2. In the name of all things logical, how the hell can anyone agree to any international compact that’s non-binding? Or, is idiocy the new paradigm?

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