NYTimes allows food columnist to opine on global warming, energy policy

Can’t wait for Paul Krugman’s column on his favorite casserole.

Mark Bittman writes:

Three things worth noting: Most politicians prefer adaptation to mitigation — that is, they’d rather build houses on stilts than reduce emissions; energy independence is in no way synonymous with “clean” energy; and the oft-stated notion that “since gas burns cleaner than coal and oil, we should be moving toward gas” puts us on the highway to hell.

Make no mistake: when it comes to climate change gas isn’t “clean,” because undetermined amounts of methane — a powerful greenhouse gas — leak into the atmosphere from natural gas production.

The answer is zero emission energy. Even moderate changes can help, but cuts in the use of fossil fuels must be much deeper than the president is directing, and this may not happen unless we rid Congress of friends of Big Energy. (By one count the House’s 125 climate-change deniers have taken $30 million in contributions from energy companies.)

5 thoughts on “NYTimes allows food columnist to opine on global warming, energy policy”

  1. The Crone is so watermelon granola-crunchy pacifist that any writer could include that block of text in any item and it would be welcome. Even a review of “Man of Steel” might lament the carbon emissions from the film’s production, then laud the CGI ops for reducing those emissions.
    Mr. Bittman is ill-informed but a food columnist could be well-informed on this topic. I’m a computer teacher and database developer and I’m well-informed. Granted, the relationship of climate change to a food column is tangential at best, but editorial license gives Mr. Bittman and the Crone the decision about what to write and publish, and me the decision about what to believe.

  2. We have entered the final minutes of the fourth quarter – we must take the brochures of this project into the street for the Agencies of the Federal Government no longer fear the limits of the CONSTITUTION . . . do it TODAY –

    OK= are you ready to start doing the Article V State amendment Project – the IRS [medical records, bank and credit card info] – EPA putting our economy in the tank – the DOJ not enforcing laws, Congress letting the Constitution be violated – the NSA spying on us and our friends – not the NSA is indoctrinating our K – 12 graders – when are you all going to get on board – like the old song “IT IS NOW OR NEVER” = for this can’t wait. The following shows in detail how simple it is to keep our REPUBLIC . .

  3. Krugman is more qualified for the food column. He stopped being an economist a decade ago at least.

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