NO… EPA rules don’t spur the economy… it’s the other way around

Clinton EPA administrator Carol Browner began perpetuating the myth EPA rules are a boon to the economy. It’s simply not true.

While EPA rules may be a boon to those in the environmental compliance business, they are actually a drag on the larger economy to the extent they needlessly limit and discourage natural resource exploitation and industrial development — i.e., genuine wealth and productive jobs creation.

We have been able to afford EPA junk science so far because we are a industry-made-wealthy society — a status that Obama’s EPA is working hard to change (and not for the better).

EPA rules don’t make us wealthier; they are impoverishing us.

6 thoughts on “NO… EPA rules don’t spur the economy… it’s the other way around”

  1. Well, the EPA has spurred my personal economy for the last 3 decades. Were it not for the EPA, I’d have been out looking for honest work.

  2. As a starting point, please consider any “EPA jobs creation” in the light of Bastiat’s “Broken Window Fallacy!”

  3. Considering the number of jobs the EPA has killed the EPA letters should stand for the Economic (growth) Prevention Agency

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