New EPA chief exhorts agency staff to ‘act now on climate change’

The Hill reports:

The Environmental Protection Agency “has a clear responsibility to act now on climate change,” the agency’s new chief said Monday in a video message to staff.

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy, who was confirmed to replace Lisa Jackson last week, said the agency has reached a “defining time” in its history as it prepares to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from power plants.

“We also need your sustained service and your sustained commitment more than ever before because this is a defining time for EPA,” McCarthy said.

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4 thoughts on “New EPA chief exhorts agency staff to ‘act now on climate change’”

  1. We knew Obama would select a watermelon for EPA. He’s a watermelon himself and he owes a lot to the support of watermelons.
    Elections have consequences. To some degree, Obama is inheriting the bad results of his party’s ideas and policies over the last fifty years or so. To some degree, he’s exacerbating and perpetuating them. The watermelon ideas for the environment completely contradict all engineering and economics, so they are sure to reduce wealth and damage standards of living except for the wealthiest.

  2. Government agencies like the EPA are very powerful. Controlling the climate and stopping it from changing is quite ambitious even for such a powerful agency, especially considering that she has no control over emissions from other countries.

  3. The former EPA Queen Lisa Jackson is no more. Long may the new Queen Gina McCarthy reign … not. The more things change the more they stay the same.

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