Indiana school district loses $300K because students refuse to buy first lady’s healthy meals

The Washington Times reports:

chool officials in Carmel Clay, Ind., said they lost $300,000 last school year because students are rejecting the healthy menu changes brought on by First Lady Michelle Obama’s federal lunch regulations.

“I’ve had a lot of complaints, especially with the little guys,” Linda Wireman, a food service director for North White School Corp., told JCOnline. “They get a three-quarters cup of vegetables, but if it’s something they don’t like, it goes down the garbage disposal. So there are a lot of complaints they’re going home hungry.”

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12 thoughts on “Indiana school district loses $300K because students refuse to buy first lady’s healthy meals”

  1. And Michelle’s qualifications as a food nutritionist is that she held a phoney job at a Chicago hospital.

  2. I think a bigger contributor was the rise of the computer.I know that when I graduated, I went from 10 hours per week as fencing captain and walking across campus several times a day to a desk job where I’m a a computer 12 hours a day.

    I didn’t get a freshman fifteen, but I’m half again the man I was when I met my wife Freshman year.

  3. so many of the parents are self centered children themselves that they can’t be bothered to ‘parent’. It takes time away from THEIR needs ya know.

  4. Most of this fat wave either began or was exacerbated by the dropping of mandatory Phys Ed and sports IMAO. As kids in the 50’s we did regular outdoor recess running around, playing kickball and bounce or fly, etc. In high school we had daily PT with a different sport every six weeks. There were some fat kids, but not many. But then what do I know.

  5. As the British Empire learned from a single Indian contrarian, “You can’t beat civil disobedience.”
    To paraphrase an old anti-war protest slogan from the 60’s, “What if they passed a law and nobody obeyed it?”

  6. They can hop in their cars and drive to Panera and McDonalds?

    Why, shouldn’t the students be imprisoned the whole day so they can fully appreciate their indoctrination? That is the problem, we still have freedoms in this country.

  7. My sweetheart has been at the front line of this battle. The kids are losing. They generally hate the “healthy” food.
    Glenn Reynolds has said that public education is verging on parental malpractice. Something to that.

  8. “First Lady Michelle Obama’s federal lunch regulations”

    SAY WHAT ?!?! She can’t make regulations.

  9. Pizza, 16 ounce milk shake, an apple, and a giant Oreo cookie was a typical meal for me in junior high school. Somehow I failed to gain much weight during this period. I’m not sure the almost year round organized sports with lots of other unorganized play helped burn through those calories, did it?

  10. First they have to define “healthy”. If it keeps you alive, it’s “healthy”. Let’s keep things in perspective people. Obesity is mostly a problem of over eating and/or not enough exercise. We are a wealthy society so we can afford to eat a lot and not work much. So the lesson that needs to be taught is to moderate what you eat (get a good variety and don’t eat more than you need), and get off your ass every day. But that’s common sense and does not push anybody’s agenda, so it is ignored.

  11. My kids cleaned their plates and were still starving. Three quarters of a cup of veggies isn’t much for an active growing child. All this “health” push did was give the kids smaller portions of cheaper food for the same price. It’s cheaper and healthier to pack lunches for them.

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