Howler: Warmists not communicating with public because of death threats

Uh… which warmist isn’t talking to any media that will have him?

The Guardian reports:

Many climate scientists have become wary of outreach due to a number of highly publicised incidents including lawsuits, data misrepresentation, and even death threats. A post by John Abraham earlier this week touched on the need to protect scientists from such defamation. If this continues, it is likely that researchers will require a degree of coaxing to continue putting themselves in the public spotlight.

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3 thoughts on “Howler: Warmists not communicating with public because of death threats”

  1. Yeah all these silenced warmists… it’s gotten so noisy with all the howling from them about being silenced, I can’t even hear myself think about their tragic silencing. It must be the nefarious Koch brothers. Yeah, that’s the ticket….


  2. H’m. The warmists have been filing most of the lawsuits and misusing most of the data. I dunno what the balance of death threats is, warmists vs sceptics.
    But I know James Hansen was being silenced by NASA before he retired. I saw his statements over and over where he told us how he’d been silenced, and he testified in Congress about how he’d been silenced, and there were all the interviewers who sympathized with Hansen over how he’d been silenced.
    Now Professor Mann has mostly silenced himself since he won’t release the e-mails and some other work that he created on state-owned equipment while working for state-owned universities. Apparently the people who paid for his work should be happy to take his word for his work.

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