Guardian hits Senate ‘deniers’

The Guardian reports:

As scientists agree that the problem of man-made climate change is getting more and more urgent, a review of their records reveals that all eight Republican senators on the Environment and Public Works Committee do not believe the phenomenon even exists.

This sentiment was on full display last week in a committee hearing on the subject, when, most notably, Sen. Roger Wicker, R-Miss., called for greater “tolerance” in “the public discourse regarding the many scientific viewpoints on climate change. Respect should be shown to those who have done the research and come to a different conclusion.”

That conclusion is certainly “different” from the consensus reached by most members of the scientific community, who have concluded that anthropogenic climate change is real. A 2010 survey of 1,372 climate researchers, in fact, found that 97-98 percent believe in man-made climate change.

So what do the Republicans on the committee believe?

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5 thoughts on “Guardian hits Senate ‘deniers’”

  1. By a margin the “consensus” is changing to 2:1 (1C for doubling instead of 2C for doubling), but the real sensitivity may be closer to 0.5C for doubling, perhaps drowned by other climate forcings.

  2. “As scientists agree that the problem of man-made climate change is getting more and more urgent,…” The first statement is misleading or false to fact. Some scientists agree and others disagree, and some who agree have got relevant credentials and some who disagree have relevant credentials.
    I am very pleased that all eight Republicans can be called skeptics or deniers. Given the Guardian’s true-blue editorial character, a conservative should take great pride in being “shamed” by the Guardian.

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