Government takes broader role as school food police

The AP reports:

The government for the first time is proposing broad new standards to make sure all foods sold in schools are healthful. The rule announced Thursday will apply to “a la carte” lines in school cafeterias, vending machines, snack bars and any other food sold regularly on campus.

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3 thoughts on “Government takes broader role as school food police”

  1. My sweetheart has been a school lunch lady off and on for sixteen years. The “healthy” changes a couple of years ago increased the trash component quite a bit. You can put it on the cart and you can require the kids to put it on their trays, but so far that just adds a middle step on the way to the trash can.

  2. The concepts of federalism and liberty are foreign to the current federal government of We the People whose founders hoped to “…secure the blessings of liberty…”
    BTW, the term “…more perfect union…” refers to strengthening the bonds among the states that formed the United States, not attempting to perfect life within the union.

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