8 thoughts on “Global warming’s Zapruder film: Watch the video of yesterday’s Senate climate hearing”

  1. Very stunning testimony and great to see and hear. I doubt if B. Boxer will take it down, as I think she is aware that very few voters will ever watch it, and the social engineering manipulation machine will continue unabated. Mercifully, things are not as bad yet as in USSR where no science got published until the politicians reviewed it and deemed it consistent with their social-political agenda. Even so, it is apparent some politicians here are trying to make science subservient to their purposes. It is heartening to see some scientists eloquently challenging them.

  2. Someone needs to point out to these politicos what the comparison of these models vs actual measurements should look like if the models were perfectly accurate. That is what would give one a base for judging the comparisons made in the hearing. It should be pointed out that if the models and GHG theory were perfectly correct the satellite data of the troposphere would be ABOVE the model-mean line (not below it) and the land surface measurements (if they were perfect too) would be right on the model-mean line. I am sure none of the senators present understood this and it wasn’t pointed out to them.

  3. Actually, evolution worked to eliminate the need for God, and climate science elevated man to God’s level. Also, both are based pretty much on the exclusionary principle–we don’t know what caused this (but it can’t be God) so we will go with random chance in evolution and human beings in climate change.
    It’s interesting that urban voters are turned off by creationism and yet would follow climate change because they are the ones who will be most severely effected by the demands of de-industrialization. Short-sighted.

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