Global Warming Causes Warm/Cold, Wet/Dry, Bigger/Smaller Lobsters

Promoters of man-caused global warming unleash yet another irreconcilable problem for themselves.

First we have this day-old news item “Global warming is causing lobsters to become cannibals” telling us,

… rising sea temperatures brought on by global warming are encouraging the crustaceans to grow quicker and reproduce more often, says Noah Oppenheim, a marine biology graduate student at the University of Maine.

But how can that be? “Ocean Acidification” is supposed to be eating these critters alive. In addition to what Steve Milloy alerted us to on July 2, we have this news report from only last December, “Ocean acidification will impact Atlantic lobster larvae, StFX Marine Ecology Lab study finds”:

… Increased global CO2 production from anthropogenic sources is causing a slow, but sustained, acidification of ocean waters. … Atlantic lobster larvae grow smaller and take more time to molt throughout larval stages due to ocean acidification.

The PR gurus at the Dept of AGW can still salvage this one by making sure all future reports repeat an agreed-upon narrative about “lobster lifestyle disruption”.

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5 thoughts on “Global Warming Causes Warm/Cold, Wet/Dry, Bigger/Smaller Lobsters”

  1. Global warming is where the government research funds are obtainable. Ocean acidification is out of the picture now. It is amazing the crap that gets funded all in the name of science.

  2. I do like this headline: Global Warming Causes Cannibal Lobsters!

    Maybe Steve can sell the movie rights.

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