Fracking phobia fails yet again

Rich Lowry writes at the New York Post:

The pro-fracking conspiracy in the United States is so vast that it evidently encompasses the Environmental Protection Agency, famously a tool of the oil and gas industry.

The EPA just dropped its study of fracking allegedly contaminating the water in Pavillion, Wyo.The enviro Left had rejoiced at the news a few years ago that the EPA had for the first time implicated fracking as a threat to groundwater. Now, amid criticisms of its methodology, the EPA has backed down and won’t issue a final report. It’s handing the matter off to the state of Wyoming, which has been dubious of the EPA’s claims.

Not winning converts: Josh Fox with fellow anti-fracker Yoko Ono.
It’s one in a long series of disappointments for anti-fracking crusaders who expect at least the EPA, if no one else, to credit their crackpottery and paranoia.

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2 thoughts on “Fracking phobia fails yet again”

  1. How much damage have these folks done. My wife is absolutely convinced that fracking contaminates wells because she heard it on NPR or someplace.

  2. Based on EPA’s history and especially the current EPA climate, Ono and Fox had plenty of reason to hope for an anti-fracking outcome. Glad they are disappointed.

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