EPA rules causing air conditioning repairs to skyrocket

DothanFirst.com reports:

The Environmental Protection Agency determined that a Freon known as R-22 is depleting the ozone and now the EPA is phasing out of it. Tommy Hall the service manager for Fails Heating and Air Conditioning said that’s causing the price to sky rocket. He said some places are charging up to $75 a pound to replace that Freon.

“If a customer lost all the refrigerant in their unit and you had to replace it. That’s $500 or $600 just in refrigerant. That’s not including the repair to the unit so you could be looking at $1,200 just on a repair.”

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8 thoughts on “EPA rules causing air conditioning repairs to skyrocket”

  1. Unfortunately this will be a required expense for every home owner. Just make sure to look around and get multiple quotes from different companies just to make sure. Air conditioner repairs cost enough as it is, hopefully you find an honest and reliable tech to do work for you.

    HVAC services can be pricey, but properly maintaining them is vital to ensuring your heating and AC unit runs as long as advertised. This is just an unfortunate expense that is mandatory to stay in compliance, but limiting the overall cost can save some much needed money.

  2. I paid ninety usd a pound for five pounds on.

    My school told ME next year is it. Environmental Protection Agency ban goes into impact in 2015. i’ll ought to replace my units at a value of regarding $8000 for the 2.

  3. Read some time ago a summary of several scientific papers where the effects of freaon and similar stuff was put very much in question. Can’t find the exact references right now (out on holiday) but the message was quite clear: the ozone theory is bull! omeone should tell the people on The Hill about it!

  4. I paid 80 bucks a pound for 5 pounds this week.

    My tech told me next year is it. EPA ban goes into effect in 2015. I will have to replace my units at a cost of about $8000 for the two.

    Many millions of people are in my position. The EPA will cost Americans tens of billions of dollars in the next few years.

    To accomplish nothing.

  5. So, us senior citizens living on limited budgets and are very sensitive to summer heat will now be forced to decide between food made more expensive by fuel mandates, operating air conditioning during the summer heat made more expensive by the war on coal or even being financially able to repair said A/C units. Sounds like the government is out to get us.

  6. My mother-in-law runs a museum and a bank of offices in our area and had to pay over $1200 for freon recently because of the size of the unit. I had some work done on my personal unit and I was able to get it for $70/lb, but was told afterward by friends that they had paid up to $120/lb. My technician said that the price hikes were artificial and wasn’t needed. I hope something happens soon, because I can’t afford to replace my unit with the new stuff…

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