Enviros protest Google fundraiser for Sen. Inhofe at Google DC office

Huffington Post reports:

Chanting “Google, don’t fund evil!” and hoisting colorful signs, dozens of environmentalists gathered outside of Google’s Washington headquarters to protest a fundraiser held Thursday for one of Congress’ most notorious climate change deniers, James Inhofe.

The Oklahoma Republican has repeatedly dismissed climate change as a “hoax” on the Senate floor, and takes pride in his role as one of the country’s most outspoken climate change deniers.

“Google’s support for Sen. Inhofe is an affront to every one of the company’s stated principles,” said Brad Johnson, campaign manager of Forecast the Facts. The climate change awareness group had crafted an earlier petition calling on Google CEO Larry Page to cancel the fundraiser.

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2 thoughts on “Enviros protest Google fundraiser for Sen. Inhofe at Google DC office”

  1. Pretty amazing isn’t it? Company has been in the pocket of Obama or rather Obama has been in their pockets so their support of Inhofe is obviously an attempt to get something they want.

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