Eleven states sue EPA for collaborating with radical enviro groups

The Associated Press reports:

Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt and the attorneys general of 11 other states sued the Environmental Protection Agency Tuesday demanding that the agency turn over documents the states allege will show a pattern of cooperation and collaboration with environmental organizations.

The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Oklahoma City, alleges that binding consent decrees between the EPA and environmental groups that have sued the agency over the years have led to new rules and regulations for states without allowing their attorneys general to defend their interests and those of its businesses and consumers.

“It’s a regulation-through-litigation type of initiative,” Pruitt said after his office filed the 21-page petition. “And we are not even a party to that litigation. That’s a troublesome thing.”

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5 thoughts on “Eleven states sue EPA for collaborating with radical enviro groups”

  1. Good luck with that. The States will only end up receiving responses from the EPA on how the agency is NOT collaborating with █████ ███████████ █████ or ██████████████ or ███████████ .

  2. Typical of the Obama administration. They can do what they want, when they want and touch luck on those who may be affected by a loss of jobs and opportunity. It’s a typical attitude of the left meaning the EPA – “I’m alright Jack” and bugger you.

  3. The curren EPA is collaborating with the radical environmental group headquartered in the Oval Office…

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