‘Dozens’ demand Mass. coal power plant be closed

Really “dozens”? Wow. The plant employs more than 200. Is that more than “dozens”?

The Boston Globe reports:

Dozens of protesters Sunday called upon Governor Deval Patrick to close an electricity-generating power plant in Somerset, and about 44 of them were arrested for trespassing on the plant’s grounds, according to Somerset police chief Joseph C. Ferreira.

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5 thoughts on “‘Dozens’ demand Mass. coal power plant be closed”

  1. Why so many cops? Looks to me like a groundskeeper with a garden hose could have kept this bunch at bay….

  2. Given social networking as it is now, it would be amusing if the power company could identify its customers among the protesters and cut each one off for one day. Heck, cut each one off for six hours, preferably 4-10 pm. Then send the list of protesters to other power companies to do the same.
    These folks would realize that immediately granting their demand would be a severe punishment.
    Not that I am bitter about our Sunday outage in the Billiings Heights — I had just finished cooking the eggs.

  3. Yet Rasmussen Reports Voters Like Coal Industry More Than the EPA

    ….Voters view the U.S. coal industry more favorably than the Environmental Protection Agency and are closely divided when asked if the Obama administration’s ultimate goal is to kill that industry.

    Fifty-one percent (51%) of Likely U.S. Voters view the U.S. coal industry at least somewhat favorably. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows that just 29% hold an unfavorable opinion of it….

    Also in the 1980s when job searching I saw several ads in the Boston Globe for ‘Nuclear Protesters’ @ $10/hr. A lot higher wage than lab techs and burger flippers got.

    Steven Crowder’s hidden camera video on CalPIRG Astroturfing drives home the fact much of our ‘Protests’ are paid for.

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