Dems’ recess game plan: Push climate message

Politico reports:

The White House, congressional Democrats and their allies are plotting an August recess offensive to promote President Barack Obama’s climate change plan and head off Republican opposition.

The full-court press shows that liberals have learned from past August congressional recesses, when Republicans, aided by the tea party, out organized Democrats and managed to demonize cap and trade and blame them for high gas prices.

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One thought on “Dems’ recess game plan: Push climate message”

  1. Republicans, at least some, are planning a recess campaign for climate realism. It’s entirely appropriate to advocate for what you believe. To be ethical, that advocacy needs to be based on facts and a sound moral concept, so the climate alarmists are on shaky ground there. They have every right to advocate, though, and even a duty if they think they are right.

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