Claim: Warming in deep ocean may be unprecedented, scientists say reports:

A new analysis of long-term ocean warming trends has discovered that deep ocean waters below 700 meters (2,300 feet) have heated up unexpectedly since the year 2000. The research was published on May 10, 2013 in the journal Geophysical Research Letters.

The deep ocean warming appears to be unprecedented, the researchers say. They think that changes in surface wind patterns may be partly responsible for driving heat away from the surface layers and into deeper waters.

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6 thoughts on “Claim: Warming in deep ocean may be unprecedented, scientists say”

  1. We can even measure surface temperatures accurately, yet these clowns claim to be able to track heating in the deep ocean. LOL, transparent nonsense.

  2. I note that they don’t say how much in degrees or fractions thereof and they don’t say on what basis they call it unprecedented or unexpected.
    The fact that the odious serially distorting and alarm inventing “scientist” Trenberth is a co-author adds to the smell.

  3. Warmist claims seem to fall under debunked and not debunked *yet*

    I think shifting the focus from the atmosphere to the oceans is all about contriving arguments that will stay in the latter category for a long time

  4. Long-term ocean warming trends? To what depths? I doubt we even have proxies of deep ocean temps for more than a few decades. That’s a lot of very cold water where we can hardly make good evaluations now, let alone compare to the past.

  5. This seems to go against the other study you reported last week. Also, I am no thermodynamic guru, but this seems to run counter to normal. That is a lot of mixing and churning to warm deep waters. Am I wrong?

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