Claim: Seas may rise 2.3 meters per degree of global warming

But while there’s so far been maybe 0.8 degrees C of warming, there’s only been about 17 cm of sea level rise so far, according to warmists.

The Business Recorder reports:

Sea levels could rise by 2.3 metres for each degree Celsius that global temperatures increase and they will remain high for centuries to come, according to a new study by the leading climate research institute, released on Monday.

Anders Levermann said his study for the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research was the first to examine evidence from climate history and combine it with computer simulations of contributing factors to long-term sea-level increases: thermal expansion of oceans, the melting of mountain glaciers and the melting of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets.

Sea levels rose by 17 cm last century and the rate has accelerated to more than 3 mm a year, according to the IPCC. A third of the current rise is from Antarctica and Greenland.

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5 thoughts on “Claim: Seas may rise 2.3 meters per degree of global warming”

  1. I suppose a 1C rise in temps might produce a 2.3m rise in oceans in the temp was sustained for a lot of centuries. Even the current rate of rise, which has slowed a bit, will eventually produce a 2.3m rise. But it will take a looong time. And changes in sea level happen without human influence.

  2. One thing for sure, there is a very alarming increase of alarming predictions. Even the rate of increase has alarmingly increased. My computer simulation of the rate of alarm indicates the situation is unsustainable. When the pile of alarming predictions gets alarmingly high, it will collapse and smother us all.

    As for all sufficiently alarming things, the solution is global governance with the UN being in charge of our moment by moment thoughts and activities. We must dismantle our technological civilization, reverse the industrial revolution, and return to a state of nature by using no energy whatsoever. Even the so called renewable sources of energy must be prohibited because they are nothing but an entry into using still more energy. There can be no longer an expectation of privacy. We all must be watched all the time to make sure we never do anything without permission.

    Oh no! It is worse than we thought. The cure is as bad or worse than the alarming predictions. Be afraid. Be very afraid. The end times are upon us.

    Breaking news from the international Alarming News Service: Chicken Little reports the sky is falling. All the farm animals are panicking. The Little Red Hen is holding tightly on her hoard of corn and is selfishly refusing to share with anyone who did not help her grow and harvest it.

  3. these liars should be put in prison or assylim for this big lie, The Sun controlls the weather not man.. the volcanoes are doing a good job allready, please will someone tell the false profit Al Gore…

  4. A -50 to -48 degrees change really makes Antarctica melt really really fast. I think that maybe some of these so called scientist should leave the office and the worthless computer models and get out some more.

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