Claim: Iceberg calving could worsen make sea-level rise

What sea-level rise?

A study in Nature Geoscience reports:

In events that could exacerbate sea level rise over the coming decades, stretches of ice on the coasts of Antarctica and Greenland are at risk of rapidly cracking apart and falling into the ocean, according to new iceberg calving simulations from the University of Michigan.

“If this starts to happen and we’re right, we might be closer to the higher end of sea level rise estimates for the next 100 years,” said Jeremy Bassis, assistant professor of atmospheric, oceanic and space sciences at the U-M College of Engineering, and first author of a paper on the new model published in the current issue of Nature Geoscience.

There’s been no sea-level rise in San Francisco Bay, for example, for 70 years.

11 thoughts on “Claim: Iceberg calving could worsen make sea-level rise”

  1. Sorry about the first part of the above comment I was thinking sea ice not glaciers. still wonder though about warmists who take receding glaciers as a sign of AGW and calving glaciers as a cause of sea level rise. I guess they want a static world with no evolution or other changes. Sorry, but terraforming an edenic world is a long way off.

  2. Remember Archimedes’ ‘Eureka’ moment. A calving glacier is not a sign of either sea level rise or of warming temperatures. A receding glacier might well be.

  3. I’d want mine filtered first. Who knows how many seals and polar bears have tinkled on it?

  4. I say tow the stupid thing to a harbor and melt it and bottle. Melted glacial water can go for a premium price!!! Tell ’em it’s 100,000 yrs old!

  5. “If this starts to happen and we’re right,…”
    Two major “if’s” from people who have never gotten it right before.

  6. 7/9 of an iceberg is underwater already and ice shrinks when it melts. If your glass is filled almost to the brim with water and a few ice cubes, does it run over and flood your house when the ice cubes melt? Go figure.

  7. A lot of the plante’s ice mass is already floating on the sea; if it breaks off, the effect on sea level will be imperceptible. Heck, if the rate of sea level rise doubled from the current rate, you could actually tell — in a couple of hundred years.
    Meantime, the tide changes sea level more in an hour than the change is going to do in a century.

  8. Those computer sims must have glaciers taking a calving dump as much as a real live cow takes a dump.

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