Claim: Hong Kong air pollution kills 1,600 prematurely

Where are the bodies?

Bloomberg reports:

Air pollution prematurely killed 1,600 people in Hong Kong during the first half of this year, according to a new study out by the Clean Air Network, which blames such deaths on surging levels of local pollution.

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Read “Show us the bodies, EPA.”

One thought on “Claim: Hong Kong air pollution kills 1,600 prematurely”

  1. The 2012 year-end population estimate for Hong Kong was 7,173,900. So 1,600 “premature” deaths is 0.022%. This is very likely a statistically insignificant number and unfindable. But, if these folks are so good that they can segregate premature deaths from all deaths (premature and mature?), then show us the bodies.

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