Claim: Global warming to cause more thunderstorms

The Daily Green reports:

More intense thunderstorms combined with damaging winds are expected to occur because of climate change, according to speakers at the seventh European Conference on Severe Storms being held in Helsinki, Finland.

But because thunderstorms are small in size on the scale of existing climate models it is not possible to tell whether they will also lead to more tornadoes and larger size hail – two of the most damaging problems associated with severe storms.

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3 thoughts on “Claim: Global warming to cause more thunderstorms”

  1. My comment got eaten on submission, so I’ll try again.
    This is not a report but a forecast. It’s all about what could happen. These models have all failed to predict actual events and, if you go back 20 years and forecast from them, they all fail to produce current observations.
    CAGW predictions have fallen into two categories: “the sun will rise in the east due to global warming” and “sometime soon bad things will happen even though the last batch of bad things didn’t happen.” All measurable trends work against CAGW.

  2. What global warming?

    Insolation + humidity -> convection -> thunderstorms -> cooling. One needs to live in a bunker all summer long not to recognise this chain of causality. It is because of thunderstorms that there is no net warming even under more intense insolation. Greater insolation of humid areas does lead to an earlier onset of thunderstorms, that I will grant them. For all other claims, data please.

  3. From the article: “… are expected to occur …”; “… it is not possible to tell whether…”, “… scientists have so far been unable to say …”;

    I do, however, worry about “temperature difference – when cold and warm air masses collide – that causes dangerous wind sheer, …”

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