China Restricts Car Sales Due To Air Pollution Troubles, But Expert Says It ‘Still Won’t Solve The Problem’

Medical Daily reports:

China has announced its plans to add more cities to the list of those trying to curb automobile emissions through the use of lottery systems and limited license plate issuances.

As the world’s largest producer of automobiles, at 13 million cars sold in 2012, China’s auto emissions make up the largest portion of the country’s air pollution, at 22 percent in Beijing alone. Eight cities will join the current four cities, including Beijing and Shanghai, in the effort to curb pollution via lotteries and license plate auctions…

Zhao Jian, a transport expert at Beijing’s Jiaotong University’s School of Economics and Management, said extending restriction-on-ownership policies to other cities was unlikely to have much effect on pollution because there were already too many cars on the roads, the Associated Press reports.

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