California Congressman: The Green Crusade Goes National

Rep. Devin Nunes writes in National Review:

As we’ve seen in California, the relentless green crusade pushes aside all caution, common sense, and humility. Viewing mankind as a parasite blighting the planet, green extremists seek by any means necessary to reduce human economic activity. They exploit our natural urge to protect the environment, channeling these impulses toward a fanatical agenda. They have already despoiled large swathes of my native San Joaquin Valley, and the American people should understand that it is this agenda the president has in store for the nation.

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2 thoughts on “California Congressman: The Green Crusade Goes National”

  1. Global warning,Yes! It is beyond the scope of man to curb it, as soon as we spend billions to control something beyond our control, the planet starts to cool. Only a fool would believe that man can control the output of CO2, to any degree that will change the outcome

  2. “Ultimately, we will be judged as a people, and as a society, and as a country” by what we do about this issue”

    Not ultimately, and not as a people or a society. You are being judged immediately, as a person, and you are judged to be a total idiot, or somebody playing one for malicious purposes.

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