Bio for IPCC chief exaggerated

Rajendra Pachauri has gone a PHD too far.

The bio for IPCC chief Pachauri states:

Commencing his career with the Diesel Locomotive Works, Varanasi, where he held several managerial positions, Dr Pachauri joined the North Carolina State University in Raleigh, USA, where he obtained an MS in industrial engineering in 1972, a Ph.D. in industrial engineering and a Ph.D. in economics. He also served as Assistant Professor (August 1974-May 1975) and Visiting Faculty Member (Summer 1976 and 1977) in the Department of Economics and Business. [Emphasis added]

In reality, Pachauri has a single PhD for combined study of industrial engineering and economics.

5 thoughts on “Bio for IPCC chief exaggerated”

  1. Sounds like they grafted some fantasy onto fact. I wonder where they got that idea.

  2. For Kenyan, it would be a more likely slip-up if you were just identified as “a native of Kenya”, in exactly those words. Anyone might miss that when gloating over a listing in a publisher’s catalog.

  3. This would be an easy mistake to make and to plug into a biography. It would be a lot like the publisher of your recent book identifying you as a Kenyan and you didn’t happen to see it or correct it. Could happen to any busy person.
    The error in the PhD listing should have been spotted quickly and corrected but it’s really rather a small deal. PhD dissertations tend to be very narrowly focused anyway.
    I’m far more annoyed that this UN leader is a dolt. Anyone who has studied economics should be appalled by most of the “climate change” agenda — but then Krugman has both a PhD and a Nobel and he’s a dolt.

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