Billionaire warmist Tom Steyer: A legend in his own mind

Tom Steyer was once considered for Secretary of Energy — in a Washington Post puff piece (that cost the WaPo reporter her beat), not anywhere else… or at least only long enough to be refused.

Inside Climate News reports:

Steyer, an Obama donor and friend, is a longtime clean energy champion who was once considered for Secretary of Energy. For months, the 56-year-old hedge fund manager has been putting his muscle and millions behind a high-profile campaign to build public opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline. The offensive may not look like the gesture of an ally—the State Department recently came out with a report that many saw as an endorsement of the project—but if the grassroots protest movement grows and spreads, Steyer believes it could give Obama the cover he needs to reject the pipeline and take a firmer stand on climate issues.

“Climate is on the move,” Steyer said in an interview with InsideClimate News. “The political tectonic plates are shifting on this issue. We are going to keep the pressure on for our leaders to do right—especially for the next generation.” [Emphasis added]

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  1. Heck! I thought we had already passed the “tipping point”. Nuttin’ left to do but tuck our heads between our knees and kiss ourselves goodby.

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