Audit shows Obama admin wasted $135 million on electric car charging stations

Paul Chesser writes:

An audit by the Department of Energy’s Inspector General found that the persistent weak demand for electric vehicles harmed the deployment and timeliness of a $135 million-plus taxpayer funded charging network, which spun a cycle of excessive grants and project expansion, that led to an enormous waste of public money.

The investigators, led by IG Gregory Friedman, determined that conditions for reimbursement to Ecotality, Inc. (and its subsidiaries) for the EV charging demonstration project were “very generous,” although not explicitly prohibited under federal regulations.

“While we acknowledge that the Department had maintained and archived award documentation, an independent reviewer cannot understand the rationale behind important decisions made by Department officials, as required by government internal control standards,” Friedman’s report said. “Additionally, the Department’s weaknesses in oversight of administrative aspects of Ecotality’s awards may have led to funding items that were not directly attributable to the grant.”

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One thought on “Audit shows Obama admin wasted $135 million on electric car charging stations”

  1. I know a bunch of volunteers working on Obama’s 2008 campaign who boasted he promised them electric car business in Chicago (“He will help us make Chicago an electric-only city”). They were left empty-handed then and again in 2012, but clearly such promises brought wealth to some volunteers.

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