5 thoughts on “Winning: Skeptics, tea party have made global warming a GOP litmus test”

  1. The politicos cozying up to ALL global warming/climate change babel is a matter of being conned by shysters. It’s reminiscent of your company Pres booking a “motivational” huckster they met on a flight believing his course teaching corporeal levitation will make any staff a razor sharp business tool. Our government has spent billions to convince us to fear global warming et al. They bought a hoax.

  2. Brian, it’s a bipartisan disease, but at least some in the GOP display some natural resistance to it.

    IF the litmus test applied is fealty to genuine scientific method, I’m all for it for both parties.

  3. Three and a half more years of adults having to stop (or doing all they can to prevent) imbecilic children in the WH from demolishing the country because somebody told them that “CO2 in the air is bad for them.”

    I don’t know if stupidity is a Democrat disease or not.

  4. I dislike the idea of litmus tests. But AGW has become such a test. Its political supporters are nearly all nanny-bullies; support for “carbon” schemes almost always links to support for gun control, loose borders, and the rest of the “progressive” agenda.
    “You can tell a man who boozes by the company he chooses…”

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