6 thoughts on “White House knew about Lisa Jackson’s secret email account”

  1. Someone in the WH is responsible. In a hierarchical organization, the person at the top is responsible.

    We may find out over time what Crown Prince Obama knew, and when he knew it. But he is always responsible.

  2. Come on… of course Obama has a ‘secret’ email account, too. They’ll *all* have ‘secret’ email addresses. And the National Security Agency has all his emails safely stored away.

  3. This is a Chicago Democrat who occasionally sits in the usually empty chair in the Oval Office. There is no such thing as an honest Chicago Democrat. The Chicago Way must be followed to get elected in Illinois.

  4. Of course. There are two problems here.
    1: These e-mails were not made avaailable via FOIA
    2: In Jackson’s case, there was deception involved as it was under a completely assumed name.

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