Warmists predict Maryland in for 2-feet sea-level rise by 2050

The University of Maryland announced:

A new report on sea level rise recommends that the State of Maryland should plan for a rise in sea level of as much as 2 feet by 2050. Led by the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, the report was prepared by a panel of scientific experts in response to Governor Martin O’Malley’s Executive Order on Climate Change and “Coast Smart” Construction. The projections are based on an assessment of the latest climate change science and federal guidelines.

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6 thoughts on “Warmists predict Maryland in for 2-feet sea-level rise by 2050”

  1. Well, I’m so impressed with this that I’ve taken the precaution of adding a 1-domino tall wall around my property here in Central Texas. At about 3/4″ tall, this wall should protect me for at least ten years…..

  2. This is terrible news. I live in Maryland about a mile away from a Chesapeake estuary. Two feet just won’t cut it. I need 30 feet to have water front property.

  3. They keep moving this skeer up the coast. Virginia just had one of those. The predictors also get around the increased rate not yet being noticed, the response is the rise will be exponential, so you can’t see the increase yet. So, just how much Arctic/Antarctic melting and ocean warming to we have t have to get this sea level rise and when will we see that?

  4. Wow! Sea levels most recently have been rising at about 3.3mm per year (~1 inch per decade), but somehow they expect them to be rising an additional 23 inches in the next 37 years. If that DOES happen, it WILL be something to worry about!

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