Warmists attack Baltimore meteorologist Tony Pann for commenting on climate research scam

The warmist Forecast the Facts wants Pann muzzled.

Baltimore’s City Paper reports:

Now, a group called Forecast the Facts has teamed up with Maryland-based Chesapeake Climate Action Network to launch a petition, asking WBAL to “publicly correct the false claims about climate change made by WBAL meteorologist Tony Pann and ensure that all WBAL staff report the scientific facts of human-caused climate change and its impact on the weather system.”

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8 thoughts on “Warmists attack Baltimore meteorologist Tony Pann for commenting on climate research scam”

  1. Forecast the Facts is an offshoot of the Citizens Engagement Lab, which/whose favorite achievement is harassing sponsors of the Heartland Institute. The organization seems to have been organized solely for the purpose to silence dissenting ( from Leftist views) voices, an interesting development in American politics.
    –From ‘CEL Values’, at http://engagementlab.org/who-we-are/jobs/ : “We believe that every individual should be free to think, speak, worship, live, love, and work as they choose. ” Ironic? nope, say I. Hypocrisy? maybe not – I think it’s sheer willingness to lie.

  2. I don’t want creationism taught in schools, and I have contempt for holocaust deniers. So why isn’t the 97% consensus persuasive to me?

    General Eisenhower commanded that American troops tour the camps where the holocaust was carried out so that the subsequent denial that he brilliantly anticipated would be countered by first hand testimony. My dad was fascinated by the piles of bodies that he saw, even though he didn’t understand what the holocaust was.

    But the part of the holocaust story that included the rounding up, gassing, and cremation of human beings because they were Jews (and some others) has mountains of documentary evidence. It certainly happened. The climate change story has a debunked hockey stick graph, a mile wide discrepancy between terrestrial readings of temperature and satellite readings, and the use of a weird positive feedback in cloud formation, which effect tippled the forcing from CO2. Much research is involved with the implications of a 2% or greater change in average temperatures and do not go to the truth of such change in the first place. The 97% consensus just feeds on itself as we have, for obvious reasons, a belief in the institution of Science. Even Dr Alberts the past editor of Science is stuck in the climate change goo.

  3. I have never seen or heard any “denier” ever demand silencing or censorship or any abridgement of the free speech of any “warmists”. In fact, we welcome their statements and studies because they are so easily debunked by the experts in our ranks.

  4. These are the kind of folks who believe you are free to say anything they agree with. They are successors to the Inquisition and that’s only a little allegorical.

  5. @AllenBrooks: Well, I got a reply from them, for what it’s worth.

    The same group also has a petition up complaining that CNBC is giving air time to climate “deniers.” The concept of “freedom of speech” doesn’t seem to enter into it when the speech is something they disagree with.

  6. pinroot: You were probably very persuasive, but there has to be something there to persuade.

  7. I’ve seen a couple of these petitions directed at censoring individuals regarding their positions on climate change. I sent an email to the news director at WBAL in support of Pann. I don’t know how persuasive I was but I do want them to know that the science isn’t settled and Pann has a right to say so.

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