Warmists Admit: Focusing on air temperatures was wrong; It was ocean that ate their warming!

So how many times do you get to be wrong before you just get ignored? Warmists will soon find out!

The “90 percent” link in this paragraph from the Guardian’s “More pieces of the global warming puzzle assembled by recent research“:

Only about 2 percent of global warming is used in heating the Earth’s atmosphere, while about 90 percent heats the oceans. Several recent studies, including one that I led last year along with the Skeptical Science team and oceanographer John Church, have shown that the warming of the oceans and thus the planet as a whole has accelerated over the past 10 to 15 years.

… links to this article on Skeptical Science which states:

… Note that focusing on surface air temperatures misses more than 90% of the overall warming of the planet.

So never mind about air temps. We were all focusing on the wrong thing — like the warmists told us to do.

13 thoughts on “Warmists Admit: Focusing on air temperatures was wrong; It was ocean that ate their warming!”

  1. Most top scientists have real jobs in industry, earning good salaries for productive work. These global warming hysterics are the bottom of the barrel (if they even have a degree) and can only find work in gummint agencies – they need crises to keep the grants coming for their pathetic salaries. They know zilch about basic statistics and computer models, leading to hilarious results.

  2. Most Corporations will make more money if they move their manufacturing operations off shore!!!


  3. ..it turns out that coastal land threatened by seawater is actually subsiding. Its the old adage ‘if you build your house on sand” but of course the Environmentalist shuns all knowledge from the past as wrong and only follows their new “discoveries”.

  4. Gamecock – you are quite right of course. They are so heavily invested that is will take a generation for this to be forgotten – just like the Global Cooling scare of the 1970’s.

  5. When primitives in suits, like Harold Camping, Warren Jeffs, and CAGW doomsayers, are proven wrong, their actions appear bizarre to us. What do you do when what you said would happen – what you believed would happen – didn’t happen? Do you let go of your belief, or do you hang on to it and look for mitigation?

    Do not expect the primitive doomsayers to say, “Oops, we were wrong. Sorry!”

    Do not expect the legacy press, which played a large role in selling the CAGW hoax, to let go of it, either.

  6. They’re doing this because they just can’t admit that the heat radiates back into space. When they discover that the oceans aren’t heating up, what will they do then? Hm. Maybe the heat goes down even further and heats up that big iron ball in the middle.

  7. If you live by the ocean, you have the pleasure of noticing that your dock, or your deck and your property are still in the same position they were fifty years ago. Tides change and land erodes but the average ocean level meeting the land is still the same. You would think that a stupid scientest would observe that at least.

  8. this is krap. The sst/air temps clearly in tandem and in line with natural climate cycle theory


    we could not measure deeper ocean temps a few decades ago like now, and ocean cycles are multi decadol, if not mult century in origin. Grays discussion on this, like his forecast for hurricanes, is way ahead of its time and explains perfectly what is going on.

    The main input to the ocean is the sun. Any “warming” can just as easily be attributed to multi century heat storage in the oceans from increased TSI over the last 2 centuries. That he might be able to measure that now, when he could not before, shows how they just don’t even think, just make it up

    Its like a bunch of no nothings kids blaming something else and making excuses. Pathetic

  9. I didn’t follow the links, but is this the deep ocean warming that didn’t raise temperatures so we can’t see it and didn’t warm the upper ocean and completes the missing heat in the earth’s energy budget (Trenbreth?)? It seems that climate “science” vastly overestimates the precision of measurements and estimates. (They are like the kids I had in chem labs on the advent of the pocket calculator. If it showed 8 decimal places on the screen, they put all 8 in.) Their theories fail to predict the non-warming, their imprecise estimates of energy do not balance so the presumed excess heat must be going somewhere, why not the ocean where it can’t really be measured.

  10. When they warmenistas are finally forced to admit that the oceans aren’t rising they are going to start claiming that that is because of increased C02 in ultra cold sea bottom water causing the sea bed to lower.

  11. Warming oceans would raise sea level. My understanding is that any sea level increase so far is explained by other factors.

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