Warmist: Skeptics need to be ‘disempowered’ by the ‘collective’

Like Carthage, the skeptics must be destroyed… er disempowered.

Unsatisfied with Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s call for creative solutions to global warming, Planet 3.0 editor Michael Tobis writes:

My response to this position is to quote the words of Piet Hein, “Let us only hope, but not only only hope.” It seems that empowering individuals will not be enough. Disempowering destructive forces will probably be necessary, and this may need to be done collectively. [Emphasis added]

9 thoughts on “Warmist: Skeptics need to be ‘disempowered’ by the ‘collective’”

  1. Wasn’t it Eric Schmidt of Google who once said ‘Don’t be evil’?

    From Wikipedia: While the official corporate philosophy of Google does not contain the words “Don’t be evil”, they were included in the prospectus of Google’s 2004 IPO (a letter from Google’s founders, later called the “‘Don’t Be Evil’ manifesto”).

    Not sure of Schmidt has taken the ‘Don’t be Evil’ motto to heart.

  2. When data fail to support your theories, you either modify your theory or stifle the opposition. He seems to be choosing the latter.

  3. They do screw with Google search results to bring the “correct” results to the top. To get skeptic – or real science articles you need to be much more specific with the search.

    But why search at all, Google Verizon et al are all giving your search queries and phone numbers to the NSA to analyze.

  4. Ian W,
    Michael Tobis writes: “Disempowering destructive forces will probably be necessary, and this may need to be done collectively. … because he wants an excuse to shut down all political opposition. Don’t forget you are living in the USSA.

  5. Somebody who thinks that way should *not* be in charge of people’s web search results.

    If Google CEO Eric Schmidt wants to ‘disempower people collectively’, is there a better way to do that than screwing with Google search methods and results?

  6. Piet Hein was a dutch ‘official’ pirate captain who’d nowadays would be before the ICC for warcrimes and crimes against humanity , not the best of examples 🙂

  7. How creative does one have to be to generate “creative solutions to global warming” when there is no anthropogenic global warming? Indeed for the last 15 years there has been no global warming natural or anthropogenic. So presumably the first thing that requires creativity is the ability to persuade the gullible that anthropogenic global warming actually exists and is scarily catastrophic. Then having convinced sufficient people of the existence of scary phantom anthropogenic warming even more creativity is required to persuade them that increasing their taxes will make the scary entity disappear. This is where one meets the empirical evidence on the impossibility of fooling all of the people all of the time.

    If you would step out from behind the curtain you will find that there is no gullible audience for your smoke and mirrors tax scam – but please continue with the creativity, history will have the last laugh and that will indeed be a long one.

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