Warmist distorts comments of UK environment minister

During a BBC panel discussion on climate, UK environment minister Owen Paterson was asked and replied:

Q: Are those concerned about climate change talking anti-scientific green ideological nonsense? What is your answer to that question?

Environment Minster Paterson: I have to take practical decisions. The climate’s always been changing. Peter mentioned the Arctic. I think in the [unintelligible] you can see there were beaches there. [Audience begins to murmur] When Greenland was occupied, you had people growing crops. We then had a little ice age, then we have middle age warming. The climate’s been going up and down.

The real question, which I think everyone’s trying to address, is ‘is this influenced by man-made activity in recent years.’ And James is actually correct, the climate has not changed, the temperature hasn’t changed in the last 17 years. What I think we ought to be careful of is that there is almost certainly, bound to be, some influence by man-made activity, but I think we just got to be rational [laughter from audience] and make sure the measures that we take to counter it don’t actually cause more damage.

Warmist John Aravosis then translated these comments into the headline:

UK environment secretary Paterson: Climate change isn’t real

The first paragraph of Aravosis’ article followed with:

In a bizarre comment during a BBC Radio panel discussion, the conservative British Secretary of State for the Environment, Owen Paterson, suggested that climate change isn’t neither real, nor significantly affected by man.

So what part of Aravosis headline and paragraph is true other than Owen Patterson was part of a panel discussion ion the Beeb?

One thought on “Warmist distorts comments of UK environment minister”

  1. I can only think Aravosis must have put the speech through Google Translate and failed to choose English as the final version.

    That, or he’s a lying git….

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