2 thoughts on “WaPo Admits: Climate debate NOT over”

  1. Actually, the last hundred years or so have been an empirical demonstration that human activity has too small a role in climate, temperature or weather to be factored into intelligent policy.
    It’s not absolute proof, but it’s a strong sign that temperatures are flat or declining — and have been at other times in the last century — even as humans have steadily increased industrial activity, including production of CO2. The weather and temperature patterns of the last century fail to correlate to human activity in any useful way.
    br1022 is correct that our knowledge of the climate is very small, but the AGW hypothesis has been more-or-less falsified. Certainlyl empirical data fail to support it.

  2. This illuminates yet another facet of ‘the debate’ over climate change, etc. How can you really have a meaningful debate when the facts are still up in the air? So to speak.

    I’ll say it again. The climate has not yet been described well enough to form a testable hypothesis about it. As testing hypotheses is the heart and soul of science, ‘climatology’ is still largely at the level of shamanism. Aided by computers.

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