14 thoughts on “Video: On-fire Manchin flames Obama on climate speech”

  1. I’m fully in agreement with you as to climate change. The post I referred to was about crop yields. Use YOUR eyes.

  2. “I suppose this is a bad time for me to mention that the black-powder hunting season for R.I.N.O.’s is coming up?”

    Haven’t they extended the archery season, too? Since the 2010 elections (when they got control of the House Ways & Means Committee again), it’s been legal to bait ’em on K Street, just like in the good old days.

    As for Democrats, when is vermin hunting ever closed?

  3. That’s right. Now, suggesting violence against a Republican president is probably OK . . .

    I suppose this is a bad time for me to mention that the black-powder hunting season for R.I.N.O.’s is coming up?

    And you guys in the NSA who are reading all this . . . you doing OK? Need anything? Pizza, sodas, chips? Just let us know.

  4. The addition of fertilizer, irrigation and planting density has probably had more impact on production than C02 concentrations in the atmosphere.

  5. Jim – what a joke, increase in CO2 will cause catastrophic climate change is on much thinner ground than it causing crop yields to increase. They don’t pump CO2 into greenhouses for the heck of it. Use your brain.

  6. I wouldn’t imply that higher yields are due to CO2 increases in the atmosphere. At best a very thin claim. There are many other inputs to crop yield and most of them have changed quite a lot over 80 years. CO2 is likely a rather minor player in this.

  7. There is no direct correlation between CO2 and weather but I do see a direct correlation between plant growth and the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.Corn yields on farms have increased from about 25 bu. per acre to well over 200 bu. acre during the past 80 years.
    Food is even more important weather. CO2 is of great value. Without it there would be no life on earth.

  8. This is an example of his leadership model. We will disarm and hope the Russians and Chinese will follow our “lead”. We will open our borders and hope the rest of the world will appreciate our “humanity”, etc.

    I can only hope that this is the end of the Democratic (Socialist) Party.

  9. Sen. Manchin is welcome to cross the aisle. Failing that, his political career will be over at the end of his term.

  10. “I never get even with anybody. I just keep patting them on the back until small holes appear between my fingers”

    — Alphonse Gabriel Capone (attributed)

    Yet another criminal who hadn’t been born in Chicago, but rose to national prominence there.

  11. “the economies of India and China would more than make up for any reductions”

    This is exactly right. Obama is transferring prosperity from America to Asia. I submit that is his real intent. The rest is intrigue.

  12. This guy Machin really isn’t the brightest light on the Christmas tree – even among the National Socialist Democrat American Party (NSDAP) – is he?

    The point on which this “Liberal” fascist functionary should focus is the fact that even if America gave up all coal mining and combustion, the economies of India and China would more than make up for any reductions in “carbon pollution” (what the hell?) our Telephone-Tapping Twinkletoes rams up the national cloaca.

    Ain’t gonna be no abatement in the continuing increase in anthopogenic atmospheric CO2, and Michelle’s Metrosexual Meatpuppet is the single Chief Executive in the history of our republic most thoroughly deserving of two center-mass and one to the head.

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